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Short-wave halogen infrared radiant heaters are particularly characterized by the fact that the heat radiation is not influenced by air movements. The radiation from infrared radiant heaters only generates a kind of deep heat when it hits bodies and objects and therefore does not primarily heat the ambient air compared to other radiant heaters (e.g. conventional quartz heaters and gas heaters). Further information at: Advantages of halogen infrared radiant heaters.

Due to the extremely short heat-up time, the high energy yield and the splash and water jet protection, the infrared radiant heaters are ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as smoking areas, outdoor catering, garden bars, market stalls, open spaces, terraces, verandas and balconies.

The universal installation and positioning is also worth mentioning, because halogen infrared radiant heaters can be used as required and effortlessly installed on walls, ceilings, masts, umbrellas or mobile on stands or stands as well as parasols. We offer you an individual, quick and inexpensive solution for your very special needs - talk to us.